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Sheffield is super....

I absolutely love walking in the Autumn. The colours, smells, scenery and cooler temperate are perfect for enjoying the great outdoors. I genuinely wouldn't want to live in any other city in the country. With Sheffield so close by to the Peaks and countryside, it means I can be in a remote beautiful setting in minutes. It's an exciting time knowing I'm starting my own dog walking business and I'm really glad I bought those new walking boots! For the past few weeks, I've been enjoying 'researching' where to safely take the dogs on adventures and I've loved every moment of it. The routes around the West of Sheffield are never ending, the views have been spectacular, the weather at times has been grim and I've met some lovely people along the way. I'm so passionate about helping dogs and I know that dogs are at their happiest when out exploring, being able to socialise and run around - it's the ultimate playground for them! Knowing that I'm part of that ultimate joy is amazing. I cannot wait to hopefully be able to take out other dogs to share with them the incredible experience. Thinking about it, on every walk I've been on with my own dogs over the years, I've been able to smile or laugh at something one of them has innocently done. It must be one of the reasons I enjoy dog walking so much! There's always something that brings me joy with their traits and personalities. Getting them home always feels like mission accomplished. At the end of the adventure, I've got 2 happy dogs curled up on the sofa in deep sleep - happily exhausted dreaming of a fun filled adventure. Does it get any better than that? Same again tomorrow!!

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