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10 things about me & Collar Country Club #1

When doing my free assessment walk with new Collar Country Club members, I realised pretty quickly that doggy parents would always ask me the same questions about me and why I started a premium dog walking service in Sheffield.

So, to give you some more insight here's the 1st of 10 things about me and what Collar Country Club stands for…


Before I started Collar Country Club, I worked in the corporate world of finance, working a 9 - 5 job that was rather dull.

We had a dog walker, as we needed one for Rosie during the day because of our long days at work.

We thought we were getting a good service, but in hindsight we weren't. Far, far from it. Turns out, poor Rosie was just being driven around in a van all day with the dog walker. When I say all day, I mean ALL DAY without a proper walk. Just a quick trot around for 15 minutes or so. Not that we knew that.

With Rosie being so chilled, we never knew any difference when we got home after work. Poor sausage. We felt absolutely horrendous doggy parents when it all eventually came out. We never used that dog walker again. You'll be pleased to know, that dog walker isn't in business anymore.

What we went through and what Poor Rosie the Labrador endured was enough for me to put all of my efforts into starting a dog walking service that would rectify what Rosie had to suffer.

That's what drives me with Collar Country Club. To right the wrongs and to provide a truly 5 star dog walking, premium service. No vans, no pack walks and to truly put the needs of the dogs and their parents first.

Guaranteeing that each dog comes home happy, tired and content.

That's my passion and that's what drives me, every morning when I wake up for another fine day of dog walking in the beautiful countryside with the Club members.

Here's Poppy at the back, Rosie at the front with Zaba and Fergal

in the Peaks.

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