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10 things about me and Collar Country Club #2

I'm not from Sheffield and I never grew up around dogs.

When I was a young boy, the family Terrier bit me very early on.

So, unfortunately either me or the dog had to go…

At 18, I left the North East of England and came down to Sheffield to study at Hallam Uni in 2006.

I still didn't have a dog and was pretty indifferent to them.

What's all the fuss about, I thought?

They seem like a lot of hard work.

Drinking, waking up at midday and buying the entire autumn/winter range from River Island seemed more exciting than a dog.

Fast forward to early March 2015 in Sheffield.

Mine and Lauren's first house in Hillsborough.

Turns out, when you're a grown up, you do grown up things like paint the garden fence brown, go out for brunch at the weekends and apparently get a dog to be your first child.


We were now doggy parents to our very own fur-baby.

5 days after moving into our first house in Hillsborough in 2015, we bought Rosie the Labrador for just £300 on Gumtree.

A fat, lazy and incredibly docile 3 year old barrel, weighing in at 36kg.

£300 well spent I thought.

So, we got a dog walker who we had for 5 years, until Covid-19 hit us like a sledgehammer.

If you want to learn more about our very horrendous dog walker, then take a look at my previous blog.

Anyway, 5 years with our dog walker taught me an awful lot on what doggy parents want from their dog walker.

After all, I was a customer myself.

I truly believe this experience of being on the other side of the brown painted fence, has led to me creating a premium, personalised and very different dog walking service for those who love their dog, as much as we love Rosie the 13 year old (30kg and proud of it) Labrador.

We don't live in Hillsborough now.

I am still that besotted dog parent, but now I'm privileged to serve other besotted doggy parents in Crookes and South west Sheffield with my own dog walking service, Collar Country Club.

Leading dog adventures in the countryside and the Peaks.

Taking out small groups of no more than 4 well behaved dogs. Just like Charlie, Ruby, Reggie and Rusty here… all returning home happy, content and tired.

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