Dog walkng sheffield
Dog walking sheffield


My story....

Hello, my name's Andrew.


I want to tell you why I have created a premium dog adventure service in Sheffield, as I feel that my story should be told.  Chances are if you're reading this, you're a besotted dog parent, looking for help with your beloved pooch. 


My story, in places is probably quite similar to your own....

For over 10 years I worked in the corporate world in a standard 9-5 relatively well paid job.  I was out of the house a lot during the day and my wife, Lauren was training to be a Doctor.  So, when Rosie the Labrador joined us back in 2015, it meant that we needed a dog walker for our brand new fur-baby.  We were not happy leaving her on her own all day long that's for sure.  Here's a picture from our wedding day back in 2019, she even carried the rings down the isle for us during the ceremony.  Rosie's still going strong at 10 years old and is treated like an absolute princess!

Of course Rosie was there for the wedding!

Anyway, after scouting around various local dog walking websites, we found a perfect dog walking service for our beloved pooch.  Now I won't go into too much detail, but unfortunately we found Rosie wasn't being given the amount of exercise we thought she was having, when Lauren and I were both stuck at work. We made a bad choice.

Fast forward to the summer months of 2020 - the height of the pandemic.  I had been placed on furlough from my finance job and I had plenty of time to think on what I wanted in life.  I embraced redundancy with both hands and decided to follow my passion in life... you guessed it, dogs!

I wanted to offer a service that in my opinion, is unique in Sheffield.  A small, bespoke, high end service where the owners and dogs are treated to a truly personalised boutique service.  I want to right the wrongs on what poor Rosie had to suffer with our own dog walker, who we mistakenly trusted for such a long time. 


I now use this negative experience to inspire me for Collar Country Club and I'm grateful to now have the chance to help dogs and their parents in Crookes and South West Sheffield.  

I truly believe that only taking out a small number of dogs to fantastic adventure places benefits the pooches and the owners so much.  Offering an exclusive, professional service allows me the chance to give my Club members a 5 star experience.  Like I have said, for me - it's more than just a walk.  That's why I offer Club Privileges and embrace the quality of the experience, rather than the quantity of dogs. 


No big groups, no stuffy vans, no not knowing what's happened, no basic trundles around the local park for a quick potty break. 


Dogs just like yours, can have better than that.  Trust me, as a besotted dog parent myself, I expect more.  That's why I run Collar Country Club.


I'm proud to be different. 


If you want to be part of Sheffield's most premium dog adventure service, then get in contact with me now to see whether your dog can be a member of Collar Country Club! 

Dog walkng sheffield
Dog walking sheffield