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More Than
Just a Walk

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This is not your average dog walking service.  I am proud to do things a little differently than others.  That's why my clients see me as the "Rolls Royce of dog walkers".


I follow RSPCA safety guidelines, so my groups are only 4 dogs or less.  This means your dog is safe and I can give them the attention and care they deserve.


I always walk different routes in the Sheffield countryside and Peak District, so your dog can be exploring new environments all the time! It's not just about physical exercise, your dog needs mental stimulation for their well being.  That’s why I engage them in stimulating, fun games during the adventure, to help your dog be happy and enriched.


As part of my personalised service to you, I will provide you with updates, photos and videos after every countryside adventure, so you know exactly what’s been going on with your dog.  Fresh water, a towel down and high quality treats are also part of the experience.


I guarantee your dog will come back home tired, content and happy, so you don’t need to worry during the day. Perfect for you and your dog!


In my opinion, large "pack" (oh dear) walking is not always safe and certainly not fair on dogs, you or the general public.


I know the importance of giving your dog a tailored countryside adventure experience, rather than just the standard walk at the same place with a load of other dogs and then sent home.


I hope you can see, this is not your average dog walking service. I guarantee a 5 star premium option, for those dog owners who want a little more for their best friend. Just like you!

A Little Different

My Ethos

Always follow RSPCA safety guidelines by walking groups of 4 dogs or less


Always provide a 5 star customer service experience


​Always put the safety and well being of your dog first


​Always be an extraordinary service rather than ordinary

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