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Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the adventures?

The Silver Adventure package last for 1 hour and are run during weekdays. The Gold Adventure package is perfect for dog owners working long hours during the week. This upgrade benefits the dog by being out on an enriching adventure experience for even longer. It also benefits the owner by knowing their dog has been out on an advanced adventure. Removing the worry that the pooch has been left for long periods of time. I ask that all Club members enroll on at least two adventures per week. This helps with keeping the dog in a routine and benefits them, by being in a well matched, regular friendship group.

Where do the adventures happen?

Sheffield has an abundance of beautiful places to explore. Collar Country Club adventure trails are run at Rivelin Valley, Rivelin Reservoir, Fox Hagg, Wyming Brook, Redmires Reservoir, Limb Brook, Porter Clough, Reddicar Clough, Lodge Moor, Lees Woods and Ecclesall Woods. The advantage to only taking a small number of Club members, means I use that extra time by taking them to discover safe, new and exciting trails. I'm always on the lookout for different adventure spots so there’s new smells and fun to be had every day. Keeping Club members stimulated, socialised and safe is my absolute priority. The experience will fit with Club member needs and weather conditions will always be taken into consideration for safety reasons.

How many dogs are there on an adventure?

My aim is always to provide quality over quantity. This means not taking on too many Club members resulting in your dog not getting the care and attention they deserve and are entitled to with me. A maximum of 4 dogs are taken on the group experience. Of course, it’s important for your dog’s wellbeing to socialise with their friends so there's always plenty of waggy tails. Small group adventures mean it’s always controlled and safe at all times.

What dogs are in the Club?

Very well behaved dogs only at Collar Country Club. I shall only take your dog on, if I know that your pooch is friendly and will integrate well into the Club without causing too much mischief along the way. Reactive or temperamental dogs cannot be accepted into the Club. I will ask to see your dog's vaccination card and proof of microchipping when we meet up for the complimentary consultation meeting. Club members must be up to date with their flea and worming treatments.

Can I keep up to date with my dog's adventures along the way?

I understand the importance of checking in on your dog. Updates, photos and videos will be provided on the Collar Country Club's social media pages, the gallery section of this website and I’ll even take some snaps and send them directly to you. Seeing your best friend happily on an adventure when you're stuck at work can be so heart-warming.

How will I know my dog has been collected and dropped off safely?

A collection message will always be sent to you for your peace of mind. No need to wonder whether your pooch is desperate for the adventure to start. Once the experience is over and your dog has safely returned back home, you’ll know about it by getting another message. All part of the high quality Collar Country Club service.

Is my best friend with a safe pair of hands?

Absolutely. I am qualified in pet first aid, fully insured, Gold NarpsUK member and carry a small doggy first aid kit around at all times just in case of emergencies. Club members are proud wearers of personalised Collar Country Club identity tags as an extra safeguard for their own protection. I am committed to Club members safety, so social media scrolling and checking on the news is banned. All eyes on Club members at all times.

Is my house in a safe pair of hands?

Of course. I am fully DBS checked and your house keys are locked away at all times in a safe box. I do not carry individual addresses. I can also provide references from local canine experts to vouch for me.

Do you offer solo dog adventures?

No, Collar Country Club only offers small group adventures of no more than 4 dogs at one time.

How do I pay for the pooch?

Monthly via BACS. An electronic invoice will be sent detailing the adventures your dog has enjoyed for the previous month.

Will I come back to a muddy dog and floor?

If you don't want your dog to get muddy, Collar Country Club isn't for you. I make every effort to clean Club members up after an adventure with a towel and in extreme muddy conditions I even use a portable Mud Daddy shower on them! I understand how frustrating it can be to return home to a mud bath, so I will always try my best to clean Club members up as best I can.

Do you walk Club members off the lead?

To begin with Club members shall always be walked on the lead. This is to integrate your dog into the Club safely and allow your pooch to feel comfortable on the adventure. With your written consent and only once I believe your dog is ready, will I allow them off the lead. If you don’t want your pooch off the lead at all, then that’s absolutely fine as well.

Can you provide references?

Absolutely. I can provide references from local canine experts upon request. I can also provide you with my DBS Check, insurance, NarpsUK Gold member and Pet First Aid certificates.

My plans have changed.  Can I cancel?

I ask for at least 24 hours' notice to be given; however, I appreciate this isn’t always possible as emergencies and plans can change at any point. Ideally for the adventures to be planned, 24 hours' notice is needed. No charge for cancellation. I understand plans change!

Do you take holidays?

Believe it or not, I’m not an adventure robot or angel sent down from doggy heaven. Holidays need to be taken every now and again for wellbeing purposes but will of course be limited. Don’t worry, I shall always provide plenty of notice if the walking boots need to be hung up in replacement of flip flops.

What happens in extreme weather conditions?

In the height of the summer heat Club members enjoy a dip in the water to cool off. For safety reasons, steps will always be taken to ensure the adventure is suitable to the conditions at the time. Adventures in blizzards and snow can also be tricky. I will never endanger myself or Club members in these situations.

What Covid-19 prevention steps do you take?

I follow the official CFSG guidelines. Dog friendly wipes are used for collars, I bring my own leads, hand sanitiser is used before entering and leaving your property and I will remain socially distanced from you at all times.

I want my dog to be in the Club.  What should I do now?

That’s brilliant news. Please use the contact form on this website, We can then arrange the complimentary consultation meeting and gratis assessment walk.

What areas of Sheffield do you cover?

Collar Country Club covers S10, S11 and parts of S7. If you live in Greystones, Ecclesall, Nether Edge, Bents Green, Parkhead, Endcliffe, Ranmoor, Lodge Moor, Broomhall, Fulwood, Crookes, Crosspool, Whirlow, Hallam Head or Brincliffe please get in touch to arrange a gratis consultation meeting and complimentary assessment walk.

What makes you premium?

I guarantee a truly unique, 5 star service for Club members. This means offering bespoke enriching adventures either on a Silver or Gold Adventure package, playing high energy games, bringing along toys, balls and frisbees, numerous Club privileges, personalised Club member tags, writing progress reports at the end of every week for Club members, healthy hypoallergenic treats along the way, lots of exercise, a loyalty reward package, thorough, honest and clear communication, providing photos and videos of Club members on the adventure and so much more. I respectfully refuse to be a no thrills dog walking service. I am one of, if not THE most expensive dog walking services in Sheffield. For a premium price, you and your dog receive a truly outstanding, unique and personal service.

What are Club privileges?

Club members are guaranteed more than just a standard dog walk. As this is a premium service, I offer my Club members privileges to guarentee a unique 5 star service. Club privilleges include: -Signature induction programme. -Welcome packages. -Milestone postal packages. -Personalised Club member tags. -Weekly progress report cards. -Loyalty reward package. -Personalised name tags. -Gold Star Awards for the best dog of the week. -Top quality hypoallergenic treats. -Incredible photos and videos capturing magical moments. -Printed newsletters. -Upgrades to Gold Adventure package. -Certificates of achievement.

Can I upgrade to a Gold Adventure package?

The Gold Adventure package upgrade is perfect for dog owners who have stressful days and are leaving their pooches in the house for long periods of time. I understand that sometimes the Silver Adventure package is not enough, so I can upgrade Club members to even longer adventures. This may involve going out into the Peak District for an adventure trek or taking Club members on numerous Silver Adventures. This means you can be happy knowing your beloved pooch has been out almost all day! No more sat at work, worried about your dog being left alone for far too long, lonely and bored.

How are Club members chauffeured around?

I only take out 4 dogs at a time, which means the pooches are whisked off in style in a modern, air conditioned car. The Club members are always securely strapped in for the journey as safety is my top priority. I purposely don't use a van to keep the dogs as calm and relaxed as possible. The pooches can enjoy the experience of being in a car rather than a van, as that's probably what they're used too at home. The pooches can happily look out of the window and are always kept cool with air conditioning. This is a 5 star experience, so travelling first class is a must! Remember - I am not the Ryanair of the dog world, this is a premium experience. Taking out small groups, means your dog isn't being carted off on far too many drop offs and pick ups around Sheffield like the number 8 bus route. This reduced journey time benefits both you and your beloved dog. It's that peace of mind, knowing your dog is happily enjoying a long adventure, rather than aimlessly being driven around the streets for far too long.

dog walker crookes sheffeld
dog walking crookes sheffield

Ethos at Collar Country Club

  • Always keep collection and drop off times to a minimum.

  • Always keep your property and details secure.

  • Always keep Club members safe.

  • Always care for the planet by using biodegradable poop bags.

  • Always care for the local area by picking up litter along the way.

  • Always do my best for Club members.

dog walking crookes sheffield