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Adventure Expectations

What you and your dog should expect from a Collar Country Club adventure:




I punctually collect your dog and attach the personalised Collar Country Club identity tag for extra safety.


You promptly receive a message from me confirming a safe collection for that all important peace of mind.



Your best friend will be securely transported with chauffeur service in the air conditioned Collar Country Club transporter.


We make a very quick pit stop, to collect your dog’s best friend for the small group adventure.



Now it's all about the fun filled adventure packed with games, interaction and exercise. 

Regular updates, photos and videos sent showing you how much fun your dog is having without you (sorry!



Complimentary JR high quality air dried hypoallergenic natural dog treats to be given to your dog for good behaviour during the adventures. Bad behaviour will not be rewarded.  



Showered and towel down after muddy walks.  No more returning back to a dirty dog. Portable Mud Daddy shower used to hose off that mud (access to your running water may be needed please). Top up water bowl service after drop-off.



You receive a message from me confirming a safe drop-off.

Your best friend is happy, content, tired and ready for a good sleep to dream about the next Collar Country Club adventureReport cards sent over the weekend.   

dog walker sheffield crookes

Why choose Collar Country Club?

  • It's not just a walk.  I play with the dogs with ball games, frisbee games, scent games and water sports!  The experience is packed full of fun, so your dog is happy, content and tired.

  • Enhance your dog's wellbeing.  Exciting adventures prevent your dog from boredom or loneliness when you can't be there for them. Small fun-filled group experiences will mean your dog will have an even better social life than you.

  • I provide that all important peace of mind for you.  Your dog will be tired out, content, happy and ready for a sleep after an adventure with me.  

  • Personal, professional and high-end service. My primary focus is your dog’s safety and wellbeing - it’s paramount to me.

  • Unique loyalty reward scheme for regular clients.

  • You will receive weekly bespoke and detailed report cards providing exclusive insight into your dog’s behaviour, traits, progress and who their best friends are for the week!

  • Lots of different, safe adventure routes used to keep your dog on their paws and enriched at all times.

  • Quality over quantity. Small exclusive groups of no more than 4 dogs for controlled, supervised and well-organised, fun-filled adventures.

  • Complimentary consultation meeting & gratis assessment walk with you and your dog.

  • I am a writer for Dog Friendly, a national magazine dedicated to dogs.

  • I’m happy getting wet during the gruesome wet and windy winter months so you don’t have to!