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Are you worried for when you're back at work and your dog will be left home alone?  Is your dog bored and under your feet, whilst you work from home?   Do you take your dog out for beautiful adventures in the countryside on your days off, but you can't dedicate the same amount of time needed during the week?

Without regular exercise, play time and socialisation your dog shall be bored and lonely when left alone in the house.  You don't want to return back home to a dog who's been miserable, leading to unwanted behaviour and even separation anxiety.       

I am here to help you with a solution to this problem. 

I offer stimulating, enriching and muddy small group adventures with PLENTY of fun filled games along the way.  Guaranteeing your dog will be happy, content and tired. This means you can relax at work, knowing your dog is having fun without you.  

My name's Andrew, offering premium group adventures for no more than 4 dogs.  My adventures are exclusively for dogs living in Crookes and South West Sheffield.  I dedicate my bespoke 5 star premium service to those who dote on their fur-baby and understand the importance of a dog's wellbeing and quality of life.   I also write for national magazine, Dog Friendly, dedicated to dog lovers, hopefully just like you.   
Professional Dog Walking Sheffield High Quality Premium Service

Dogs live for fun, exercise and play.  I know that you can't be there for your dog all the time.   I've been in your shoes and understand the emotional tussle when leaving your dog home alone.  I was that worried dog owner in the past.  

That's why I guarantee a high quality, premium dog adventure service dedicated to my Club member's wellbeing and happiness. I help Club members live their best life by enjoying fun-filled adventures in the beautiful countryside and local ancient woodland trails of Sheffield.  You can then come home without the guilt of returning to a bored and lonely dog.  

A polite word of warning - if you just want someone to do a basic walk around the block, or you're only concerned about how much it will cost you then Collar Country Club is definitely not for you.  Stop reading now and go to instead. 

If you're still reading, then great!

I guarantee a unique 5 star service for my Club members.  Admittedly, I am not the Ryanair of the dog world and respectfully refuse to be a no thrills, grudge purchase for reluctant dog owners that want the bare minimum. 


Collar Country Club is dedicated to doggy parents who adore their little fur-baby's and want them to have the best life possible. 

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My bespoke adventures are all about exercise, socialisation, lots of games, scent work, mental stimulation with high quality hypoallergenic treats along the way. 

If you know your dog can benefit, then read on to discover more on my unique Club privileges and how I can help you and your dog.

Crookes South West Sheffield dog walker

The Collar Country Club air-conditioned transporter covers the area of Crookes and South West Sheffield. 


If you live in Greystones, Ecclesall, Nether Edge, Bents Green, Parkhead, Endcliffe, Ranmoor, Lodge Moor, Broomhall, Fulwood, Crosspool, Whirlow, Hallam Head or Brincliffe please get in touch to arrange a gratis consultation meeting and complimentary assessment walk.  

Getting the standard trustworthy, dependable, reliable and friendly dog walker is the bare minimum you should expect when choosing who to walk your dog. 


As a previous customer of dog walkers for 5 years, I would expect nothing less and neither should you. 


Don’t worry, I am of course trustworthy, dependable, reliable and
very friendly! I just feel there’s a lot more to offer you than the standard adjectives. At Collar Country Club, I guarantee my Club members so much more!

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"We found Collar Country Club whilst searching for something we weren’t sure existed, a dog walking service where we knew our 7 month old puppy would be comfortable as we didn’t want her to be in a large group of dogs where her needs might not be met. We were quite nervous as we’d had a bad experience previously when our pup was around 5 months old, and we were told she had separation anxiety and needed a lot of work. 


Andrew’s website told us everything we needed to know, and after a great meet up with him and his lovely dog Rosie; she was off out on her first adventure. Our puppy hit it off with Andrew straight away, and it was lovely to see. Collar Country Club treats every dog individually and introduces them to other members and types of activities depending on their needs. 


Andrew doesn’t just provide an hours walk, the dogs are stimulated and enriched; coming home happy and exhausted. Andrew also takes the time to get to know you and tailors his adventures depending on the weather and the dogs needs. 


Our puppy has come on leaps and bounds since going out with Andrew, she seems more confident and even sits waiting for him to pick her up now. This has been a big step for us after worrying she wouldn’t bond with anyone else. Thank you Andrew!"

Vicky & Ceri - Rue's Mums

"We cannot recommend Andrew enough! His trust and faith in our dog has allowed him to flourish. Albert has really bonded with Andrew and we couldn't ask for anything else. 

He cares so much about the dogs he walks and tailors each adventure to their individual needs.

Collar Country Club is definitely the best decision we ever made!!"

Beccy & Harrison - Albert's Mum & Dad

"Albie was one of Andrew's first dogs as a little puppy.  Andrew has seen Albie grow, develop and has supported us in teaching Albie all he knows today. 


Andrew cares so much about the dogs he walks and ensures they have the best time.  Albie can't quite contain his excitement when Andrew arrives at the door each week and we know he has the best time.  He always comes back muddy and exhausted!

Andrew is extremely reliable, flexible and caring and we would recommend him to anyone looking for a fun, caring and safe dog walker!"

Elia & James - Albie's Mum & Dad

"If we had to pick 3 words to describe Collar Country Club, and Andrew’s services, they would be professional, reliable and great quality. 

Whilst we’re at work, knowing Dougie is in great hands definitely puts our minds at ease. Whether he’s bouncing around in the heather, chasing his beloved tennis balls or swimming in the reservoir, we know Dougie’s having the best time out and about in the peaks with his other dog pals!  

Andrew always keeps us in the loop with regular texts, pictures and videos. His weekly reports are also a lovely addition which often make us laugh out loud.

It’s safe to Andrew genuinely cares about Dougie and we’re so grateful for all of the fuss and attention he gets whilst out on his adventures. Thank you Andrew!"

Hannah & Ryan - Dougie's Mum & Dad

"We feel lucky to have found Collar Country Club.

Andrew has been walking Fergal, our medium-sized poodle, for several weeks now, and this means he gets to places that we wouldn't be able to take him.


We very much appreciate the photos and reports we get - it's great to see how much fun Fergal is having.  Andrew seems to really understand him and we always feel he is in good hands.

Andrew is well-organised and reliable and we'd be very happy to recommend him".

Margaret & Richard - Fergal's Mum & Dad

"We couldn't ask for a better person to look after our dog than Andrew.  

Annie loves exploring and I love that she is having such a great time.  Not just being let off on a field or walked around the streets.  She comes back usually filthy and shattered, which for our dog is a wonderful sign she's had the best time.

I'd recommend Andrew and Collar Country Club to anyone who wants their dog to have a stimulating and exciting adventure.

Andrew genuinely cares about his little pack.  Thank you so much!"

Ruth - Annie's Mum

Adventure Dog Walking Sheffield Outdoors Countryside

"Andrew has been fantastic! He’s taken amazing care of my dog and kept me updated all the way.


He actually has a better social life than me and I always chuckle at the pictures he sends. Andrew is one of a kind and my dog couldn’t be in better hands."

Steve, Ben's Dad

"Archie got plenty of long adventures and I received daily updates and pictures which is always nice and reassuring.


Great communication at all times! Would always recommend Andrew to other dog owners."

 Jason, Archie's Dad

"Andrew has been fantastic with our dog Ruby.  He's really taken the time to get to know her and introduce her to other dogs in the Club.  I love receiving the photos and updates from her adventures, and I am always confident she'll have a great time!"

Julia, Ruby's Mum

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the adventures?

The Silver Adventure package last for 1 hour and are run during weekdays. The Gold Adventure package is perfect for dog owners working long hours during the week. This upgrade benefits the dog by being out on an enriching adventure experience for even longer. It also benefits the owner by knowing their dog has been out on an advanced adventure. Removing the worry that the pooch has been left for long periods of time. I ask that all Club members enroll on at least two adventures per week. This helps with keeping the dog in a routine and benefits them, by being in a well matched, regular friendship group.

Where do the adventures happen?

Sheffield has an abundance of beautiful places to explore. Collar Country Club adventure trails are run at Rivelin Valley, Rivelin Reservoir, Fox Hagg, Wyming Brook, Redmires Reservoir, Limb Brook, Porter Clough, Reddicar Clough, Lodge Moor, Lees Woods and Ecclesall Woods. The advantage to only taking a small number of Club members, means I use that extra time by taking them to discover safe, new and exciting trails. I'm always on the lookout for different adventure spots so there’s new smells and fun to be had every day. Keeping Club members stimulated, socialised and safe is my absolute priority. The experience will fit with Club member needs and weather conditions will always be taken into consideration for safety reasons.

What dogs are in the Club?

Very well behaved dogs only at Collar Country Club. I shall only take your dog on, if I know that your pooch is friendly and will integrate well into the group without causing too much mischief along the way. Reactive or temperamental dogs cannot be accepted into the Club. I will ask to see your dog's vaccination card and proof of microchipping when we meet up for the complimentary consultation meeting. Club members must be up to date with their flea and worming treatments.

What Covid-19 prevention steps do you take?

I follow the official CFSG guidelines. Dog friendly wipes are used for collars, I bring my own leads, hand sanitiser is used before entering and leaving your property and I will remain socially distanced from you at all times.

What makes you premium?

I guarantee a truly unique, 5 star service for Club members. This means offering bespoke enriching adventures either on a Silver or Gold Adventure package, playing high energy games, bringing along toys, balls and frisbees, numerous Club privileges, personalised Club member tags, writing progress reports at the end of every week for Club members, healthy hypoallergenic treats along the way, lots of exercise, a loyalty reward package, thorough, honest and clear communication, providing photos and videos of Club members on the adventure and so much more. I respectfully refuse to be a no thrills dog walking service. I am one of, if not THE most expensive dog walking services in Sheffield. For a premium price, you and your dog receive a truly outstanding, unique and personal service.

What are Club privileges?

Club members expect more than just a standard dog walk for their beloved pooch. As this is a premium service, I offer Club privileges to guarentee a unique 5 star service. Club privileges include: -Welcome packages. -Milestone postal packages. -Signature induction programme. -Weekly progress report cards. -Loyalty reward package. -Personalised Club member tags. -Gold Star Awards for the best dog of the week. -Top quality hypoallergenic treats. -Incredible photos and videos capturing magical moments. -Printed newsletters. -Upgrades to Gold Adventure package. -Certificates of achievement.

What's the Gold Adventure Package?

The Gold Adventure package upgrade is perfect for dog owners who have long days and are leaving their pooches in the house for long periods of time. I understand that sometimes the Silver Adventure package is not enough, so I can upgrade Club members to even longer adventures. This may involve going out into the Peak District for an adventure trek or taking Club members on numerous Silver Adventures. This means you can be happy knowing your beloved pooch has been out almost all day! No more sat at work, worried about your dog being left alone, lonely and bored.

How are Club members chauffeured around?

I only take out 4 dogs at a time, which means the pooches are whisked off in style in a modern, air conditioned car. The Club members are always securely strapped in for the journey as safety is my top priority. I purposely don't use a van to keep the dogs as calm and relaxed as possible. The pooches can enjoy the experience of being in a car rather than a van, as that's probably what they're used too at home. The pooches can happily look out of the window and are always kept cool with air conditioning. This is a 5 star experience, so travelling first class is a must! Remember - I am not the Ryanair of the dog world, this is a premium experience. Taking out small groups, means your dog isn't being carted off on far too many drop offs and pick ups around Sheffield like the number 8 bus route. This reduced journey time benefits both you and your beloved dog. It's that peace of mind, knowing your dog is happily enjoying a long adventure, rather than aimlessly being driven around the streets for far too long.

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One Dog

Silver Adventure package  - £18

Upgrade to Gold Adventure package - £35

Two Dogs

Silver Adventure package - £30

Upgrade to Gold Adventure package - £50

Loyalty Reward Package


As a dog lover, loyalty is important to me so this is why I want to show the same loyalty to you and reward you for it. I am offering a complimentary bag of JR high quality air dried hypoallergenic natural dog treats for EVERY Club member that enjoys 14 or more adventures with Collar Country Club in a month.  

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