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S10 & S11

Professional Dog Walking Sheffield High Quality Premium Service

Are you a busy dog owner looking for a dog walker? 


Do you live in S10 or S11 and wish your dog could be walked when you’re working?


Are you feeling stressed and guilty that your dog isn’t getting the care and exercise they need when you’re busy?


If the answer is yes, then I’m here to help you.


Let me introduce myself. My name's Andrew, I live in Hunters Bar and I am a professional dog walker for the dogs of S10 and S11. I take out groups of 4 dogs or less into the Sheffield countryside and Peak District for adventures when dog owners are busy. 


Collar Country Club is Sheffield's premium, "Rolls Royce" dog adventuring service. My dog walking service is supported by Hunters Bar Vets and my dog walking service has been featured in the Sheffield Star. I am a national magazine columnist at Dog Friendly and I’m a proud doggy Dad to 2 Labradors.

Hello & Welcome

dog running in the woods

How I can help you and your dog

I give you that essential peace of mind, knowing your dog is safely having fun with other dogs

I give your dog the exercise and mental stimulation they need to be happy and healthy

I help you, by caring for your dog when you’re busy

I guarantee your dog returns home tired, content and happy 

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About my Adventures

I follow RSPCA safety guidelines - my groups are only 4 dogs or less.  No big pack walking

Different Sheffield countryside and Peak District routes for your dog to enjoy

DBS checked, insured and Pet First Aid trained

Safely transported in a car, not a van

Photos, videos and updates after every adventure for your own peace of mind

High quality, hypoallergenic and healthy dog treats given

Well matched groups to suit your dog's needs

Enriching, fun filled adventures meaning your dog will be tired, content and happy on their return

Personalised, premium care with Club Privileges

I'm a national columnist too

small dog in a field

I warn you now - if you want your dog on a walk with ten other dogs tagging along like Snoop Dogg's entourage, then that's okay - but I’m not the right dog walker for you. 


If all you want is for your dog to have a wee and a stroll around a park, then it’s best you stop reading now.


I guarantee a 5 star, premium service at Collar Country Club.  I am proud not to be the Ryanair of dog walkers, my clients see me as the “Rolls Royce” of the dog walking world!


Here’s how I have helped the dogs and their owners…

dog in the woods
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“We think of Andrew as the Rolls Royce of dog walkers. We'd certainly recommend Collar Country Club to anyone who wants the best.”

Fergal’s owners, Richard & Margaret

dog smiling

One Dog

Silver Adventure 1 hour package - £17

Upgrade to Gold 2 hour Adventure package

Two Dogs

Silver Adventure 1 hour package - £28

Upgrade to Gold 2 hour Adventure package

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