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Is it just a walk?

No - absolutely not!  This is not your typical dog walk.  Club members are treated to an abundance of fun and games along the way.  It's not just about physical exercise - your dog also needs high energy mental stimulation to keep them as happy as can be.  I always strive to give your dog the best possible adventure experience, rather than just the bog standard trundling, boring walk and then sent back home. 


Dogs crave fun - so that's exactly what I do on a Collar Country Club adventure.  On my experiences they also get lots of play time through....   

-Ball games.

-Frisbee games.

-Toy games. 

-Scent games.

-Interaction (lots of cuddles and positive re-enforcement).  

-Recall games.

-Water sports.

I purposely make sure your dog has a fantastic high energy experience so they're well walked and have had the joy of playing lots of games on the adventure.  Yes this does mean I'm running around acting like a loon for the dogs most of the time, they love it! 

During the weekend, your dog's fun experience is all reported back to you on the weekly progress report card.  This makes sure you can keep up to date with your dog's fun filled adventures with me!  You are just as much a Club member as your dog - I always keep you nicely in the loop about what your dog has been doing for that much needed peace of mind.  


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dog walking sheffield crokes

As part of my high-quality service to you, I will provide you with a weekly Collar Country Club progress report card so you can be given exclusive updates on your dog's progress, behaviour and if they’re making friends with the other doggies on their group walks.  If your doggy finds a new best friend in the pack, you’ll know about it! With your approval at our complimentary consultation meeting, good behaviour shall be rewarded with JR high quality air dried hypoallergenic natural dog treats too!

You’ll be kept in the loop at all times - a message confirming safe collection and drop-off shall always be sent, to give you that much needed peace of mind, knowing your dog’s having a happy, safe and fun-filled day.  Be sure to check out the Collar Country Club website and social media pages to see photos and videos of how your dog’s day is going too! 







I also offer a unique loyalty reward scheme for regular clients - check out the pricing section on the main page to find out more!  

We’ve all heard of the phrase YOLO, but what about DOLO?  DOLO means "Doggies Only Live Once".  Give your best friend the best life they can have, by giving them an even better social life than you.  This is where Collar Country Club can help you.

A safe adventure with Collar Country Club is all about making sure your dog has a fun filled experience.  I purposefully want to give dogs MUCH MORE than just the bog standard walk you can get at  I include games, mental stimulation, interaction and high energy fun as part of my premium service. 

If you like the sound of what I'm offering, then please get in contact with me now to see whether your dog can be a member of Collar Country Club! 


I am a fully insured, DBS checked, NarpsUK Gold member.  This shows I put your dog’s happiness, safety and wellbeing at the forefront of what I do. As walking your dog is such a huge responsibility, I am qualified in pet first aid so I can professionally deal with any situation.  I only offer small group adventure experiences too.  This is to ensure that Club members get my absolute full attention they deserve.  No checking up on my social media newsfeed when I’m walking your beloved pooch!  

Your dog's fun-filled adventure would begin by seeing my very happy, reliable and trustworthy face collecting them for their next Club experience.  As safety is paramount to me, your dog would be securely transported in the dedicated air conditioned Collar Country Club transporter.  Then it's all about giving Club members much needed exercise, fun, high energy games and to help them socialise with their friends. 


As an experienced dog owner, I understand that a tired dog at the end of the day is always a happy dog.  I also understand that a happy and tired dog means a very happy owner too 



dog walking sheffield crookes